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We feel we have a Niche in the Jet Ski safari market place here in Fiji- Why?
Because we have the ultimate watercraft, Yamaha 2016 VX 1100. Created to have a more stable yet high performance and user friendly Jet Ski with a proven track record, with power, performance and reliability.
Take control of the world’s first dual throttle handlebar control system.

Experience Fiji the right way!


THERES ONLY ONE WAY TO RIDE -YAMAHA- Pull the throttle and prepare yourself for excitement and an experience to remember.
Evolution Fiji Jet Skis are packed with premium features and advanced technologies making it so easy for first time jet skiers to the advanced operator, making your time on the water much more enjoyable.
We will showcase the beauty of Fiji, its surrounding islands and beautiful coral reefs, from a different perspective with comfort and pleasure on an ultra-modern fleet of fast and echo friendly, safe and reliable jet skis.


Yamaha VX 1100 Jet Ski

Packed with so many fantastic and revolutionary features, you’ll most definitely feel safe behind the bars of any one of our Jet Skis while experiencing the true exhilaration that accompanies such a fun machine. Watch this video to find out exactly why we chose the Yamaha VX1100 as the ride we provide.


Yamaha RIDE technology

The Yamaha VX series has the technology to keep you feeling totally in control at all times without sacrificing the thrills you’ll have in the meantime! Everything from their patented Ride system which simplifies the handling while giving you full control of acceleration and reverse. Check out the video to find out more.


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