Fijian Island Waters

the world’s most amazing waters


Beachcomber Island

On arrival you can’t help escaping the feeling of total tranquillity, brought on perhaps by your picturesque surrounds. Offering an abundance of colourful sea life for you to check out coupled with pristine sand that almost looks photoshopped it’s so clean, stopping by this slice of heaven is a must.

Explore crystal-clear waters of the reef


Mana Island

Like all other islands we take you to visit, you’re sure to be taken aback by the sheer beauty of this paradise. The differing sea depths around the island means you’re able to see many different species of sea creatures, and you have the option of even booking a dive experience with Ratu Kini in advance to take full advantage. Snorkelling is excellent whichever side of this island you’re at, so prepare your eyes for some underwater scenery you’ll not soon forget.

Experience Fiji the right way!


Bounty Island

On approach to this island, if you haven’t already, you’ll finally learn what paradise looks like. The contrasts between the lush green trees, white sand and blue sky and water is unlike anything you’ll have seen before, and a rich collection of sea life is teeming in its surrounding waters.

Untouched Paradise –Sand Islands


Sand Islands of the Mamanuca group

Leave your footprints in the sand untouched by human contact at one of the most beautiful tropical spots in Fiji.

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